4X4 Advanced: for the ambitious beginner or those with some off-road experience.

Ideal for those who want to discover recreational off-roading to its full potential. This full day off-road experience starts with our Introductory course in the morning. Customers get to grips with low ratio gears, selecting and deselecting the differential lock, understand how to read the ground & practice driving over our introductory circuits whilst learning the off-road techniques required before moving onto more advanced sections after lunch.

After lunch we jump back into the vehicles, where you will be tackling more advanced sections with different obstacles that will test the vehicle limits and your driving abilities.

This will include a practice of failed hill reverse techniques, negotiating cross ruts, steeper inclines and declines, muddy ground and weather permitting – water.

The ground is very demanding but the techniques learns during the course will give you the ability to drive 4×4 vehicles off road safely and confidently.